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Children Composers - Children Composing For Other Children

You may have landed here from LinkedIn, in which case jump straight to The Song-writing Process below.

Children composing for other children is not something we hear much about. Children say that "Only grown-ups can compose", and "Children can't possibly…

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Ho! Ho! Ho! (It's Christmas Time!)

Ok, so it's not quite Christmas yet. In truth we're still 43 sleeps away, but the annual John Lewis Christmas advert has already hit the screens. You can even read all about it and all of the others in this

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Epo i tai tai

Epo i tai tai ay

A beautiful and simple Maori fishing song to enjoy in the classroom. This song works well across Key Stage 2 and is relatively quick and easy to pick up. Children will understand about phrasing, add…

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Listening IN - Homeless Harmonies

Not just listening
Children today are constantly surrounded by visual media. It's everywhere and with the immediate-changing images on any number of screens available to a child in any one moment, it is hardly surprising that they find it so…

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