Sinkapotato Part 2 (Percussion, Voice and Music Tech)

So after the first few sessions on 'Sinkapotato', here's what happened next. I've written it a way that is more instructional in the hope that it's easier to read and therefore use:

A reminder about that chant:

Please ensure you have read Sinkapotato - Part 1 before tackling any of this!


Shake, Rattle & Roll time (percussion):

  1. Add percussion instruments (un-pitched and pitched).
  2. Transfer to any instrument the children may already play (beware of any transposing instruments).
  3. Sticking to the original rhythmimprovise following a set of given parameters, such as a pentatonic scale (C D F G A or D E G A B) or 'Make the two lines contrasting', or ‘Must include an octave jump’ etc..
  4. Once they have completed their interpretation, encourage fine-tuning, add articulation and dynamics etc.
  5. Rehearse and repeat. Prepare for a performance.
  6. Create a rhythmic backing to chant over the top of.
  7. Create an ostinato or two to accompany the new melody.

Voice Work:

  1. As above, but using voices.

Music Tech:

  1. Add Vocal samples to create a backbeat.
  2. Rap over the top of an electronic backbeat.
  3. Encourage children to score their music using digital notation, such as Noteflight.

For all of the above: Remove the parameters and see what happens - what will the children create?


My favourite - include bits of all of these to blend rap, chanting, electronic beats, sampling, live instrumental playing and singing to come up with a unique performance.

Enjoy watching the creativity unfold in front of your eyes. Prepare to be amazed!



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